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If I don’t enter my frock in the Upcycling contest then I can wear it all day. However I’ve done so much research and have so many files of patterns saved that I really want to share. Also, did you know Jeanne Lenvin not only didn’t originate the Robe de Style but she basically renamed a fashion that was already known as being Spanish. Yep. So that’s been fun to find when that changed.
But another thing I suspect not many people here will be aware of is that while the bagginess was every where a lot of women not only didn’t like it but managed to remain not only very fashionable but rather daring in having their clothes fit incredibly close to the body.
So I am really inspired to do something with a really deep V front and back and either a falred skirt or fitted (These are all from pre-1930)

 2987533001_1_3_i5VCLZdD2a8fd3797b942cd65b78fdbade5ca907tumblr_mg3fia2phV1qe8fuqo1_128028fourwalls11dec1 bpt6k5851288n

(Our Dancing Daughters)
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If Vilma Bankey, Clara Bow, and Joan Crawford all wear fitted bodices so can I 😉 I like structure darnit!

but then I am also in love with the idea of a flared coat:

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Or a semi loose.. something:

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Oh yes, lots of these are from Gallica, I did indeed look through every edition of the magaine from 1920-1930.. Lots of patterns 🙂

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