I had too much trouble trying to get my hand physio through the hospital so I’m allowed to self refer, seeing as I have all the documentation and I was a patient long ago. Anyway the process was started by the booking clerk at Waitemata Hospital so it was most definitely worth getting my letter written by my GP as I am sure it was the letter and clerk who pushed for the process :)

So tomorrow :) I get assessed and hopefully some custom splints as I know they help- usual advice it to limit and reduce splinting, Rheumatoid patients are once again the special petal exception ???? ) It will be full cost, so a big ouch, but this is what I have been stashing the odd bit of savings for. I still try to assume I’ll need to see a private specialist every so often so that’s what that is :)

I have managed to do a lot of top stitching so I was able to dye my Upcycling dress foundations :) I dyed a little extra as I think I’ll need additional layers of petticoats :) The physio is not far from some very large recycled clothing stores so I may be able to get a few more items.

I am researching the wazoo out of this :)┬áNext step is to see if I can get my coat pattern sorted. It should be easy but I am torn between two styles. Well three, but the third is a bit OTT for the day ???? Oh! I just realised I do indeed have more fabric to recycle!!! It’s been in my stash for years and I have not really had a chance to make anything from it. I may be able to use it for another project too.

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