Rituximab is happening :)

Want to talk about grateful? I am insanely grateful for the access I have to Rituximab. Sure it is literally only because I cannot use anything else and that mean years of trying treatemtns that did not help. or helped slightly then stopped. Or made me worse. Refractory Rheumatoid Disease, only mentioned┬áto me once but it’s pretty obvious.


So this might happen next week, or it might be after the holidays. I do know the Rheumatology nurses are incredibly proactive and push, push, push, push for patients. Especially with ever increasing limitations on resources.

So, if anyone would like to help me create a care package for the nurses let me know :) Earl Grey Tea is a big deal- and I may also bring extra milk (might even bring over Ye Olde Lewis Road as it’s just so nice in good tea.

I’ll also possibly be trying to sleep, yes, yes it is the same day as The Force Awakens! I won’t know for a few days though! Possibly even Monday!

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