Current status

Current status

Workshop is tidy enough for me to look at putting my backdrop in place. However I realised how far in my overlocker sits, too far to safely install the backdrop in a way to hide it. Also I know if I don’t have it flat against the wall I *will* have a problem with hiding stuff behind there ?

So I may have to do a bit more rearranging of the space. It shoooould ork.

Anyway I tried on my mega spanx thing and it fits better than before so I do feel more confident about working with the thing. I can install eyelets in the back and adjust the sides for more fit. I am going to look at ready made ones as well to see what I can do to make them better, if I can. I think I have the bust cups just so that they can convert between over and fully over the bust styles. By the cunning use of more or less padding.

So, to the workroom to figure out the space issues? I want slider things for the feet of my over locker!

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