My poor camera is straining at the sides, it is resetting and the camera decides to not focus and to incidentally not zoom. Oh it shows as having zoomed but the actual photo? No. I may just reboot the thing.

From my motel room last weekend.

As for the costume- I want to do the full train (now confirmed to be a full train- not sure why it was CG’ed in to a cape and robe) and narrow the shoulders and shorten the back. Also, because I wear it over the spine, I will need to do a little stay tape across the top to hold the collars in place. I have just whipped the pleated collar to the gown anyway (I’ll get photos of my engineering exploits as I redo these parts).

But I love my bird ring. It is a really nice piece of jewellery.

And super happy about not wearing prosthetics, though I will do a more careful pull at a later date. I will remold them with proper channels for run off and carefully paint a super thin layer. And may actually get them back on my head cast, just be more precise about shapes.

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