ooooh, feather production soon!

ooooh, feather production soon!

So far I have just tested unaltered glue, unaltered blade, and half altered spine. So right now it’s a feather if you squint at it and look sideways.

Once I start on bulk blade processing and finding some sort of press (okay all my art books wrapped in plastic to protect them) I’ll be able to get assembly going.


My horns are very close fitting- which is great but it shows how uneven a skull is- I have to line up the hairline then swing the sides down from the top of my head. If I try to line up sides first it won’t work. They need to be sanded back ready for the final thin layer of soft texture too. I may or may not be able to cut a tool to shape…. I’d like to but the putty needs to be sticky to hold in place, so then I’ll need to use some sort of release agent on the tool and that will then build up in the resin.


I also have a new set of lenses. Currently sterilising them, then will soak them for a day in my own solution (and will buy some of the newly recommended stuff as my eyes are drier than they used to be. But they can be a good back up for pretty much all the lenses I want for costumes, so long as my eyes are happy.


No photos as I’m about to have a catch up nap- and I need to evade the fumes ?


What else.. oh I forgot to make resin samples. Will have to catch up on that later.

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