by admin, July 31, 2014

Yay 🙂 Cinderella/Glinda bodice patterned and the dress washed ready for her new home 🙂 Pattern put away as a super pretty base pattern for many projects 19thC on.

And my Maleficent tabbard pattern does look super ridiculously easy when drafted out in clean bold lines… it really does all depend on one tiny part and the way it flows makes the details on screen make sense. Now I just need to drape the cloak part which may or may not be easy. Getting it to fall so as to not look like a cloak…. ehhhh, potentially doable. I suspect a few things. I may or may not be able to test it in paper either.

Also it will top and tail nicely in the charmeuse so I should be able to get the robes and cloak from the same piece! Yay!

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