Sequin film and it’s uses…

Sequin film and it’s uses…

So while I was looking for sequin films I did find actual wholesale suppliers. I worked out how much the sheeting would cost for the bare minimum order but it is ridiculously epic and overkill for Elsa or even Glinda sequins!

But there was a query on theRPF about what some material was for a really funky and cool and well made series of armours on etsy:

When you look at the close ups of this work:

you can see how the pieces are sewn to a base which means the plastic is thin enough to sew but rigid enough to maintain shape.

And then I look at those ridiculous shiny armours from games and anime/manga and think that sequin film in full width would be ideal.

It won’t form dome shapes sadly but can be shaped pretty easily to do crazy armour. I’m almost tempted to by 20kg just so I can make some insane OC ice armour and crazy stuff.  But it is about $NZ400 for that minimum plus customs on top and shipping (with customs also taking shipping in to account).


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  1. Kristen / 29 Jun 2014 12:28am #Well well, that is interesting!


    • admin / 2 Jul 2014 6:44am #Pity I have no current projects or I’d be grabbing supplies immediately! There are two major kinds of plastic used PVC and PET. PVC could potentially be heat shaped…


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