Health shmealth

Health shmealth

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Anyway, I dropped my books back at the library and have had to come to the conclusion that my hips are indeed knackered. I’m going to presume this is a merging of a few issues.
1) I stopped my steroids too soon.
2) I haven’t had much chance to do any PT due to being sick just relentlessly this year so my muscles and tendons are not ideally stretchy or stong to maintain joint stability.
3) clicky hips just will affect you for life anyway and a couple of AIs on top just make it more obvious.

Anyway, currently in layers to be warm but will do some directly applied heat with my wheat baggie cross unicorn cross cow cross butterfly cross pillow thing. And do some incredibly gentle exercise and stretching. Very very gentle because the lack of stretch is a worry given these are my most troublesome stretchy joints anyway.

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