Maleficent, so much wrangling

Maleficent, so much wrangling

This is a sample of the crazy construction.

Interior: CF seam allowance at very top of photo. This shows the intersection of the hip/skirt gores fronts, sleeve, side back and back hip/skirt gore.


Same view but from the bottom looking up. No train or CB pieces so as to reduce weight when moving the pieces.

Overcasting the sleeve to the front panel. By overcasting I could then tun the body inside out and smooth over that join to sew properly.

After overcasting:

And both sides done:

Then the train…. oy. The train panels are not the same shape as the CB gown. So I had to undo the outer panels of the train and lay them on top of the two back panels:

So not only that but the CB panels also didn’t match up so I had to baste the  layers together, also undo a lotof the overlocking so that the bias laid flat on all four layers of each side…


And then I cut and trimmed to shape:

And just a full view of the layers that are almost all sewn up. The sleeves have also been prick stitched along the edges to keep them nice and crisp.

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