Still clearing out space

On my harddrive and my workroom 🙂 I have now removed most of the costumes I really do not need obsessive numbers of photos of and have stripped folders back 🙂

I still need to go through my Star Wars folder and remove all the Padme costumes that I just do not need. Ditto with handmaiden and other characters.  But I have so many happy memories of working out designs and patterns that I’ll probably keep a few of each. I just don’t need the hundreds there.

I also went through my Fantasy inspiration and removed about half the WoW images. I still am in love with Sister Benedron, about the only costume I’d feel confident making and wearing. But she is still only a figure I think.

But she is gorgeous and the armour is all filigree and then there is a sweepy skirt.

Also have a few in game sets that are super pretty.

And I have kept all the Kerrigan and Nova images because I’d love to make human Kerrigan and wander around with a Nova. Hint hint to anyone wanting to make a SC Ghost costume….

So yeah going a bit hard core on lifting a feeling of failure because I have so much inspiration and can’t really output even close to the what I want 🙂

And then I still have two folders of just images that need to be sorted in to costume and misc and photos… not looking forward to it!

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