Video ideas

I’m uploading my in progress Silurian sculpt, sigh you tube has shrunk the videos hugely, anyway…

I’m thinking of all my options for Maleficent horns and I kind of want to go back to carved foam and own mix of rondo. And then I realised there are pretty photos of this kind of process already but no one really seems to tell you “this will be a white hot mess and IT’S NOT YOU!”

Expanding foam expands.. EEEEXXPAAAAANDs.

Except when it doesn’t.

So I may just do the horns and accept the foam is going to go mental and drip everywhere and then cover the entire thing… And relish in the photos and videos of everything going everywhere.

However as a whole the hobby is so obsessed with perfection that it won’t acknowledge these muck ups. So when ever I talk about this side of things people tell me what I did wrong. Even when they have less experience. Even when I can call bollocks. I talk to professionals regularly and they are far more open about this 😉 Except some of the stuff is about supply bottlenecks and products going off before they even get to a workshop.

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