Can iron work that fast?

I don’t know. But I did accidentally take five times the recommended dose of floravital yesterday and today.

All I know is I may actually be able to do some stuff today and not wind up making a total mess! “Brain fog” doesn’t really do this effect justice. It really feels like a complete disconnect between brain and limbs or between parts of the brain to coordinate anything even slightly complex.

Anyway. I have managed to tidy my room a little. To tidy the studio a little and to at least send thank you emails for the Dunedin contestants (in a contest that small you are especially exposed and can feel very underappreciated!) but not yet the photos or other must dos. When an email needs to contain important documentation then I need full brain power 😉

So hooray. Just want to record the day as being good because I may use it and forget later 🙂

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