Health weirdness

Well weird for me. A weird mix of hey yay and oh crap and what the hell.

I am definitely having hip issues. Back to adjusting my hips a few times a day vs every few days. It feels like the front of my hips but it is in fact at the back. It took me until a few months ago to work out how to fix it properly. Sit on chair. Pull foot up to hip. Let knee drop to the side. Feel tendons snap on underside of hip socket and hip move forward.

Try not to throw up.


It is painful. But much more painful to leave it as the tendons get aggravated and cause inflammation which causes the hip to not be able to go back in position.

And yep it is n audible thunk, not a snap or pop. It feels very different to cracking the spine. I’d be tempted to record this except I get a bit panicky as this is my big “OMG ANOTHER FLARE” triggers. So grabbing a camera is way down on the list.

Ditto with my jaw. Oh hey.

Basically it feels like lots of shallow sharp pain all over my body (between skin and muscles even). Not sure if it is the Mabthera reducing RA symptoms so these are more obvious but I’m pretty self aware so this is more like an extra surge in these symptoms.

Oh and I am about to lose a toenail 😉 Yep. Toenail apparently had enough pressure to turn it a pretty red-violet and now the nail bed is numb. Had it a few times. It’s not a big issue, definitely now that the initial trauma has gone 😉

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