No Dunedin Geddon for me :(

Will be passing all organisational paperworky stuff to Bill tomorrow morning- so as to get all forms in the pdf format and make it easier for on site people.

I do push myself, but only if it only affects me. This whole tachycardia and low blood pressure thing is making me unable to concentrate even when I sit up.  You should see the garbled mess I have written in the last few days. If I rest all of this weekend (ESO beta weekend cry!) then I will at least be able to judge for ChCh and be on site.

BTW while stress isn’t great- it’s not the cause. Who ever heard of 90/60 blood pressure being a sign of stress?

So I have that and a big pile of projects I want to do and have fun with and share but *$&#$# I need to rest and then also do a little cardio *to raise my blood pressure*.


mmm-mmm just had my bullion cube. I have been prescribed salt as well as the usual fluids and rest and light exercise. Yo dutchies I’d be hard core herring it right now if they were fresh here.

0 thoughts on “No Dunedin Geddon for me :(”

  1. That’s terrible to hear – we’ll miss you so much! What is going to happen about judging for the competition?

  2. I offered to proxy having read everything but that’s probably not going to happen. I don’t know who is down there, but there is the option to reenter Christchurch with just a flick of the email- gmail labels ftw.

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