Elsa nightmare mode indeed

The colour of her cape is impossible to get. And harder to dye. I have had electric purple, sea green, dark indigo. And lavender. The lavender is the last go. It’s warm blue during the day.

Now to decide if the nylon percentage will grab a nice pure blue or if it will go more purple or to green which will muddy the tone…

The wall decal also seems a little washed out- her eyes are quite grey on my monitor so it may be a case of hunting out some printed artwork somewhere because this digital matching is not working. There are three distinct colours however so any artwork that doesn’t show this is automatically on the suspected over processing horizon 😉

I am taking in to account lighting- the final scene is perfect as we go from grey washed out white light to yellow daylight. It is very close to how my sequinned fabric behaves, though mine is too dark really.

Sigh. Turquoise idye poly anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I just need to shift this blue slightly in from the purple tone it has. Just slightly. Ever so slightly. Basically it looks great in daylight but under eco-bulbs it is really lavender. The weight of the fabric is perfect though. And so soft. So soft. I maaaaaay be able to use the last sachet of dye enhancer to bring it over the line. I’ll have to test though. Test and test and test.

Yeah, I have it next to some of the power net that went too dark and too green (all the net needs to be warm blue and the solid fabric cool) and it is a little too pale and too purple. Meanwhile the power net, that is the perfect transition colour between the mauve and aqua of her sleeves in daylight, looks like over washed white- that hint of blue from laundry powder and grey from washing with other garments.

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