Real life-ish

Cat and studio and a little waffling about medication.


This space is now happy making. And there is enough here to last a lifetime. And some of this is getting close to 15 years old if not more. Fabrics especially. Left wall is all painty art farty stuff as well as chemicals. It is very shady on that side even though there are windows above. When I leave the curtains aside that is where they lie so no direct sunlight ever. Yet enough ambient light to see.

All my projects are in buckets as mentioned before. Elissa is in the three red buckets and a green on each side. Above are my trims and at the very top are my sewing impliments.

On the right wall (which desperately needs painting- I can cope with the grey on the other side and my cardboard cover up at the back but here.. I need to paint it! And repair the plaster. I may bribe family for that 😉 I love painting but yeah, no.

Mr Boo is overheated atm. He was hiding in the berm but he was moved to the deck for safety and he has been chasing the shadows all day.


And now, medication. I have managed to drop my steroids to 2-3mg a day.

I am however exhausted all the time. To the point of needing to sleep entire days. It also takes a good three to four hours to wake up. I know a lot of people are night owls, I am and was, but this is different, this feels very different indeed. I can’t snap out of it.  Also it’s hard to get breath at those times. Calming techniques help to prevent panic and making it worse but they don’t fix the base issue which I think is anaemia of some sort.

Anyway. Secondary damage is not at all affected. Primary inflammation is down in some joints but my fingers are still really prone to pain and stiffness. Knees are also needing to be cared for. Jaw is a bit ouchy and so are hips. So definitely a positive effect but this is still not normal.


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