Elissa progress, and mystery project?

Sorry for the blurry :/ Second one is clear so you can imagine how the first looks… sorry.

sm_DSC_2674 sm_DSC_2669

Velvet heat n bonded to the shot red taffeta and hand cut sequinned shapes glued on top. The strips at the bottom will be the lower part of the dance bodice. There will be loopy braid added to both.

The tiara XD Just added some more bits from a necklace I pulled apart:


And 8m of black sequinned georgette. Seriously beautiful. It was going to be Ravenna from the promo photos but really that gown is shaped by the triangle pieces so.. no. Also I found a slightly longer version of the image and the sleeves are shorter than I thought and the dress has unsequinned godets from mid thigh. Not flattering for me. So I’m thinking glam Maleficent from the original? I have seen the new movie trailers and loooove it but this fabric kind of is so OTT I need to do something fairly individual or very very very recognisable. I was also going to use it for Ravenna’s battle outfit, for the skirt, but then there is all that scale work. I can’t twist my hands over and over like that. Otherwise I’d be up for some mindnumbingly repetitive work that doesn’t have so much in the way of tension issues as say knitting…

sm_DSC_2673 sm_DSC_2672

So, glam bad fairy?

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