Yesterday was a bit too much

And now I am feeling it. Tired and a little blue… but I do have a few ideas.

I have way too many past projects to actually manage. So I think I need to decide what to make to full end and what to do just so I have something left.

So that means:

have salvaged my Galadriel brooch and chest wirework and ring,

Black diamonds full outfit,

Pink Diamonds- I may just redo the bodice in total as I have all the fabrics and the hearts are so cute.

Hindi Wedding- not sure. I have the saree and fabric and it is a pretty gown full stop.

Wedding gown- The bodice needs total redoing so I may wind up using the beadwork as slips for another project.

So yeah, okay.. I now have a plan for later in the day to reduce some of those in progress pieces fully and just clear room for the Project of Doom, which is what the feathers are for. I may also be able to put all the beading supplies for it in one place.

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