This fatigue…

It’s seriously tiring being tired. Hah. I mean mentally. In part because while hours drag by days fly by; so it feels like forever.

I still can’t actually really go anywhere by myself, so I also feel that lack of dependence pretty keenly.

And at this 5 week mark I would expect that to possibly be due to a drop on white blood cell count (as B cells are part of this and the antibodies target one line). But my WBC is up. So I may be experiencing the effects of a virus, which can’t be treated anyway, so I’m a bit hesitant about seeing my GP. Luckily no sinus issues but I did have a really nasty pressure type headache yesterday but OMG it was so exciting to be able to have releif with just paracetamol. Seriously. No idea how exciting it is when a drug actually does what it is supposed to as opposed to freaking out about side effects. or that it won’t work. Hello year long repeat sinus infections that did not respond to anything… except one that was way off label.

So I am sleeping like a cat with needing up to 18 hours of sleep a day, sometimes it’s more (20-40 hours straight, or 10-12 hours).

Anyway, it’s feeling like another holding pattern so I’m trying to not worry too much about how much I want to do is just not going to happen.

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