Hannibal/Elissa/Dressing gown costume logistics, so far.

Sooo… I am going to try and count jewels, ribbon lengths and bead amounts today. Ahahahhahahahahahahha

At least this has taken ┬ámore than a few years because I would have had to employ an entire costume shop to make this. Funnily enough as that is how they were originally made… so to the tape measure and notepad! And photos to possibly help illustrate the points…


20m heavy net. I think. I can’t find journal or facebook posts from the time I took photos of the net.

1m cotton drill

1m cotton muslin

2m velvet

13m taffeta


443 assorted paste sew on jewels

325 hand cut appliques

68.2m assorted ribbon

36.6m looped braid


So far. There are the ropes to go and the above does not describe how much hand sewing was involved. Most ribbon is hand sewn on both edges for instance. I also have another 20m or so of ribbon and braid to go on the bodice and the other side of the waterfall drapery and maybe the apron. So this really is more like 2/3 because I still have more jewels as well (plastic from my first version and more paste.)

And I haven’t worked out how much for the dressing gown. I think it’s 4m of brocade, but the georgette ruffles.. no idea. All edged with lace and more lace at the elbows and neck….

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