2013- a great end to a kind of odd year

Health first:

The weird sinus infections. It seems they were multiple and there was no indication of a cyst or any blockage so it was just a case of getting more antibiotics as needed. I’m now down to only one antibiotic for skin and one antibiotics for more serious infections.

A probable explanation is that Sjogrens has started to be more noticeable with dry eyes (check) and dry nasal passes (triple check). So many people recommended a nasal wash but it only made things worse and hurt. So I finally found what I knew I needed (a gel spray) and it has made a world of difference. Because of how dry my nasal passages are a wash is just going to strip my passades but no move the dried up ostia ends (the super narrow tubes leading to the snuses) and escutcheon tubes. I can feel those contsantly and that has been one of the causes of distress when wearing bald caps.

So preventative measures to avoid more 🙂

RA has relapsed several times this year. So my specialist got me on the track to using Mabthera. Which has started to take affect (I have lots of little skin infections on my hands- from tiny scratches from bumping or knocking skin on stuff). This therapy targets a line of B cells (immune cells) and so having these means my immune system is being affected. I get randomly tired as well.

So this should help prevent new activity so I can avoid secondary damage to more joints. I’m a little worried about knees and feet, So this will help work out if there is any need to go investigate (no more pain, no need, pain continues, we go look).


Major halt on any progress thanks to said relapses. These create difficulty in shoulders and elbows especially. Sewing and sculpting is not just hand work it is all from the lower spine up. And I do regularly get activity in those regions.


Rachi Sitra (repaint of lekku but rest was new, pants recycled though from SWTOR jedi.)

Mykka Shep and Neimhaille, custom Turian: Thank goodness for thin grades of leather! I’d never have got this costume made at any stage from any other material. So easy to cut and mold and glue (non toxic water based contact cement)

Make over:

Darth Talon Better tattoo prints, longer lekku. Started wetforming a new bikini.


My workroom got a massive makeover thanks to a lot of help from family 🙂 New storage shelves and I also passed on several hundreds worth of fabric and costume from my stash as I know I’ll never get to make anything from it 🙂

And totally and utterly weird stuff. But I came out of it more determined to be me regardless of how misinterpreted I am. Part of that is having to work partly in private and frankly if people can’t see how the dots go from (a) to (b) then yes they are going to make assumptions. We see that everywhere.

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