Nearly weekly infusion update ;)

I forgot to mention I fell asleep a few times during my second infusion! That antihistamine stuff is goood. I mean I was listening to the following:
Mass Effect 2 soundtrack

Mass Effect 3 soundtrack

Aida (John not Verdi!)


I also had it as loud as I could with my headphones so I wouldn’t nod off but I did.

My skin is starting to right itself. I used a tiny bit of steroid cream and didn’t use any other product for a few days and now I have Aveeno (Skin Relief and Intense Relief hand cream) which seems to be helping. I can’t really use any other product so I’m glad they have more intense products than the regular daily stuff I had been using 🙂

My foot is currently very sore. I did double my Norpress and steroids and I can at least walk on my foot around the house. Still difficult but I may just have to wait it out over the Xmas break or pop in to A&E.

Still with the sore ribs too. It really feels like it is on the inside which means no therapy and no steroid shot can reach it so again, waiting it out until I hope to have the infusion begin to work.

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