Four days in…

.. and while it is too soon to say the infusion has had an effect I definitely have far less activity than even a week ago. My elbows have deflated somewhat (there is still like a water balloon of squishy over my left elbow) but the biggest thing is that my knees and feet are better.

This may well still be the loading dose of steroids but it may just be that the antibodies are already attaching to the appropriate B cells. It may be enough to dampen a relapse.

Sadly of course my wrists cannot be fixed with anything but surgery. So I do still need to be careful and preserve function for as long as possible. I can feel tendons shortening where I really don’t want them (the classic ulnar deviation means my hands are indeed starting to change shape beyond my wrist.

Anyway, the knees and feet thing mean I am able to take a daily constitutional and at least get some level of aerobic activity up. I may be a long way from jogging 6km every night (I used to be a gym bunny* and then when I was too broke I really did jog that much each night, I miss it so much.)

So yay. Time to put away the keyboard as I don’t want to over do things. Tomorrow I start text dumping previous blog posts and setting up a reminder to export my blog weekly.


*Hypermobility Syndrome- the irony (or just ridiculous misfortune) of once being so flexible, purely by genetics, as to be almost able to train as a contortionist. Now to be limited.. purely by genetics.


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