Phantom of the Opera costumes on display in Shanghai: 
Shanghai Culture Square, from November 25 to December 1. 

The selection looks about the same as the ones on display in Manila, Seoul, Bangkok and Singapore, except the Sylphide is no longer there and instead they’ve added a Slavegirl costume and Carlotta’s Don Juan dress. 

I do wonder why that Wishing dress is doomed to eternal display. It appears to be in good shape. Odd size, possibly? 

Photos from the World Tour Facebook page: 

Maree, Marina and I think Danielle were all relatively tall (well about my height which for the stage is practically amazonian. The bodices have been heavily altered and shortened for the World tour Christines (the Aussie bodices were unique in how long the lower part of the bodice was). And given how tall most mannequins are it probably is one of the few pieces that look right on them. My wishing dress looks good on my over 6’ tall mannequin because of the length of the bodice and layers of the skirt.

That said the bodice has definitely been cut over the hips so it may well have been altered for a recent taller Christine.

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