Portraits of a Khaleesi

I recently had the chance to shoot with I Must be Dead Photography (mature content warning) when he made a brief stop up in San Francisco for a gig. We’d been trying to find a time to collaborate, so decided to make the most out of the opportunity even if it meant shooting on the fly at his hotel. As we’re both fans of A Song of Ice and Fire, Daenerys was the natural fit.

We chose to focus mostly on portraits due to the limited time and space, but I was actually quite happy with the prospect. I’m a huge fan of his raw approach to photography – sharp, high contrast photos with little retouching done on the model. Imperfections lend authenticity and intrigue to his work. 

Drawing from Daenerys’ experiences in the House of The Undying, I tried to express an array of emotions from fear to sadness and determination. These are incredibly unique images in my cosplay portfolio, and I’m madly in love with the end result.  

Build notes for this costume are coming, but in case anyone is curious my eyes are indeed purple! I picked up contacts from 🙂 | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | DeviantArt

Gorgeous portraits!

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt comfortable enough to actually show emotion in photos. I can still act for stage but I’ve been really ripped apart for being “old” and “ugly” for you know, actually looking like I’m in the middle of battle in cosplay photos! 

These are glorious and I’m so glad you and the photographer caught these haunting images 🙂

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