Le Corset by Ludovic O’Followell.

In 1908, a French doctor, Ludovic O’Followell, used x-ray radiography, a medical technology that at the time was still in its infancy, to demonstrate the potential health detriments of the corset.

A picture speaks a million words. His radiographs showed how the metal enforced corsets squashed ribs cages, restricted breathing, and displaced organs downwards.

His work, along with other physicians, helped usher a new focus on flexible and comfortable corsetry and clothing design.

Except not. Please learn French and read the actual article before making claims based solely on photographs.

Lucy prevails again!

Reblogging to show these few pictures do not give a full story on corseting and how it effects the body  (both positively and negatively if worn wrong or cheaply made). Read Lucy’s blog, she really knows her stuff <3

Another good author is Valerie Steele. She has managed to debunk a lot of myths by finding the original sources used in various publications. 

Actually also Alison Gernshein in her book on Victorian fashions (reprinted by Dover as Fashion and Reality or Victorian Fashion in Photos, sorry I don’t have it handy) also does a fair bit to shed light on reality.

Girls would indeed by 18” corsets but they were not just left open the 2-4” wide most corsets were (this is as much to make sure you do not have any steels pressing on your spine as it is to allow for adjustments) but would have to have them open say 6 inches. That’s no longer an 18” waist, though you could technically brag about wearing an 18” corset…

One of the two also discusses the use of bodies donated to science in the Smithsonium(?) to “prove” how corsets deformed bodies. In fact these may well have had congenital defects as they were not of a “class” liable to be trying to achieve a hyper-idealised wasp waist. 

Sadly with my RA and HMS related issues I can’t wear anything that puts any pressure around my lower ribs. I can pop that cartilage fairly easily by hand. And have a much lower tolerance for any pressure around there even with simply a wide elastic belt. I can wear my Satine and Effigy stays now because they are slightly too big- enough to reduce pressure but not to put weird pressure in weird spots.

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