Kind of a hard question, but any tips on styling (real) hair like that of Christine’s wigs? Any wig you think is easiest to imitate?


I haven’t tried out any wigs myself. I have long, semi dark hair and I do my best to try and curl and/or style it when I dress up. But one person looking for the frizzier 80s look of the wigs went for Amphigory’s “Diana” wig:

I think either that style or the looser London ones (think Sierra Boggess in the RAH concert) will be easiest to replicate. 

If you wanna curl your own hair, you can make the bottom layers larger and more wavy, and the top layers more curly. The hard part is the small ringlets around the forehead (I’ve never done those) and to twist/curve the front hair over the temples in a nice way. You can see some stage stylings here:

To get actual matte frizz rather than the shine of most wigs, because let’s face it no one wants a wig that looks like a bad perm job, I coloured a mid brown wig with acrylic ink to knock out the shine and add shades of colour then put it all up in perm rods and poured boiling water over it.

In a wig not designed for heat styling this will result in the fibres kinking in tiny tiny natural waves and also take on the curl of the perm rod. 

My wig is totally unsuitable for any other costume now, but it is the perfect early semi loose but frizztastic wigs. Photos soon but right now I need to get photos of all the projects I am passing on as well as my in progress Phantom costumes 🙂 Am a bit excited about it all 🙂

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