Difficult to address, but it has to be.



Except that one about me and M going out for lunch (MON DIEU). But on the whole (we did in fact have lunch, like the raving madwomen we are)

Thanks everyone for their support, please also bear in mind I have 10 years of a heck of a lot of negativity in my life as a direct result of the contest (either when I entered or since as a judge) so my tolerance levels are pretty high.

But unfortunately I have been used several times to hurt others and whether it was a deliberate act or collateral damage it has had major ramifications for others. That is when I get upset and frustrated as there is not a lot I can personally do to fix those problems.

Can I also reiterate how difficult it is to simply do day to day tasks with a serious disease and disability. It cannot be stressed hard enough that I simply don’t have the time or energy for cosplay world domination. And I can’t afford minions.


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