3 different Lucy Lawless 

More like Lucy Flawless.

Goooorgeous and amazing and dgbgh all the good words. I adore Lucy Lawless so much. So happy I got to loudly ask her about smutty fanfiction XD;

Wow, dat dress in #2.


She is also a consummate professional, and I saw that when I was an extra (and a bloody obvious extra to the point I literally was put behind trees to keep me doing the job I was paid to but not pull focus because there were and are people who play spot the extra) .

So I got to know the ropes and know technical jargon and to not stop the actors for photos or autos. Lucy was amazingly gracious when asked to sign something, she explained that if she did stop for one she’d have to stop for everyone and then the show would never get filmed. And yes there really were that many extra on set sometimes.

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