this might seem a very odd question, but have there ever been any flat chested (or near to) Christines?


OK… I will not use photos or names to answer this question. Mainly because it’s a body thing which doesn’t matter to the role at all. 

But yes, there has been several. I’m inclined to say moreso than Christines with heavier chest. Partly because all actresses playing the role has been slim, and with that you seldom get a clevage of doom – with exceptions of course. 

In this matter it seems the casting people is wonderfully ignorant. Anyone can get a solid bust with the right padding and tailoring, while you can’t fake a fantastic voice. So Christines might not come in all sizes, shapes and colours, but they do come in most cup sizes… 

Casting choices can be very very warped. I speak this as an actress who only ever got roles thought “suitable” to blondes. So I started wearing wigs if I got recalls just to make the director remember these exist for a reason.

Also, chicken fillets. If you are auditioning get those clues that you can play the roles you want, and this is something I tended to forget myself! Subtle though. SHowing up in full costume can lead to ideas of being obsessed…

I do wear them under a great variety of my costumes:

~I’m a DD in my purple Twilek but no one can really tell because of the layers but it makes a big difference. That’s a set of D and C firm “enhancers.

~In the Satine costumes, I’m flat and pressed in because that’s the shape acheived in the originals.

~In Liara I also wear the  two sets (a D and C) and padded bra to be able to get that very distinct curve.

~I wear very thin one under my Slave Leia and Talon more for “eh oh” moments. Considering casting my own full covers in latex. Though I also have PlatSil and deadener etc so could possibly go to the point of making realisic falsies (because high grade ones are in the four figures.)

Also bust supporter are found through out western history.Ditto with hip enhancers. Can’t wait for them to come back!

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