I’m sick of illness and disability being portrayed as “harder” on the family/friends/whatever than on the person experiencing them. I’m sick of shows using disability as a way to show OTHER characters’ emotional struggles and generosity.

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That said one of the better handled storylines on our local soap involved a character and her reactions/dealing with being diagnosed with MS and they did at least deal with the remission/relapse phases (which I am going to use for RA it’s the same thing but we get the “cutsey” flare). They did also deal with the impact on her work and how long you can push yourself due to unsaid pressure that you can’t show weakness in business.

I think she may have finally been written out? Shortie St watchers I missed why Sarah is no longer HoD. But it feels like a more natural timeframe than is normal in soaps: maybe a month of focus then it disappears or comes back years later as a plot point.

They don’t always get it right even in this story line but I felt my heart crack during the initial stages of her story. 

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