Planning on hitting any Australian cons next year?

I would love to only a few things stand in my way:

1) I get recognised by other cosplay staff and am assumed to be spying (nope just needing to go to a con where I don’t work all year fielding emails and then spend a day of my show as the face of the official cosplay stuff and the finally locked in a room judging for a whole day.

2) Never asked to an Aussie con as a guest, possibly due to various loyalties to different events. (I have to a US con- for real-so that is something to think about)

3) I’m not hot so there is no fan base (just people who really love what I do and I can teach well in person- admirers don’t make for hundreds of thousands of facebook likes and that’s what the currency is for fame which equals offers)

4) I has no monies to get there and have accommodation or easy transport.

5) My health suffers more than can be understood at all so at least some of the above need to be in place for the risk of winding up in hospital to be worth it 🙂

Still on course for MelbGeddon unless things go awry. 

And I did love my time as Samara at SydNova in 2010 🙂 So I would very much like to get over again 🙂

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