Two kinds of people:

People who took the news of feathered dinosaurs like this:


And those who took it like this:



I hate it when people say “science ruined dinosaurs” as though dinosaurs are just some pop culture monster invention and not real things that existed and that we are continuing to make new discoveries about

I’m of the second variety! Dude raptors.. raptors… feathered winged birds of prey! Eagles, Hawks, condors.. I don’t think they are to be looked eye to eye with ease!

Though honestly, as a sort of every day experience I think Ducks remind me more of Dinos than chickens. I think it’s the way they lower their heads to hiss and also the extreme keratin based extention. There may be a permanent duck display on our front lawn right now. And I can hear them. The tuis above are divebombing anything that moves as well.

And parrots actually. Those eyes……..

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