This may explain a fair bit about me, but when the complaints about me being too experienced/good to enter the contest in 2003-2004 (and continued after that really) I thought about it and came to the conclusion that no… no it was not a valid complaint because I started learning pre-internet when it took understanding the card catalogue in the library and getting super familiar with the dewey decimal system. And then everything was self taught and in reach of most people (and at the time I was stuck with the Waitakere Library which had very little in the way of good costume books!

But I forget I had a freaking huge disadvantage with my deformed hands and you know… continued pain and weakness which made actually physically making anything that much harder. I can’ recall if it did occur tome at the time… I know I was shirty when someone queried why it would take me so long to hand sew (as in needle and thread in hand) a dress even though she knew I had RA. I still can’t understand how anyone could think it would be anything other that difficult…

Anyway, it just is an example of perception vs reality.

Speaking of, I am now typing with my left hand as my right has seized up. So time to actually sleep.

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