My modded Blood Dragon armour with my custom Turian enhancements and the Black Widow because I can- this is why I made the BW in the end over a pistol- which I was going to do as I still have some rough patches on this thing. Surprise original costume is a suprise. So fun how many people got it. Especially kids who probably shouldn’t be playing the game!

(Photo credit to Matt Glasgow of Star Wars NZ (I’ll link the rest of the parade photos when I get back from the show- and to the Armageddon Cosplay account).)

Glam paint job is glam. A layer of flat paints then washed with translucent yellows and pinks mixed with interference pigments (green over the yellow and blue over the pink).

I made 99% of this costume from raw materials. And patterned about the same. Huge shout out to trodoon on dA for his renders of his 3D models as I had print outs on my workroom walls for reference and used them heavily.

Her name? Neimhaille which is a word I created in 1999 and has since been taken up by fantasy artists with my explanation verbatim 😉 Also there is a Bioware account holder who snaffled it but I am so not ditching it given I did literally create the name. It was for a sportsfighting persona (Scottish- I had my play in music sorted as well- Give me the Prize from Highlander 😉 ).

Anyway so Neimhallie (Nee- wa-yeh or Neev-ayel depending on how authenically Gaelic you want to be- though I don’t object to Neem-ayel either 😉 )

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