Having your body betray you on a daily basis, causing so much pain that you can barely move, is soul shattering. It’s like being in prison, without committing a crime. You’re innocent, but you are being punished anyway. And sometimes, you can’t help but wonder how life can be so unfair.


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Aside from unfair. I never have thught that no matter I hate hoe it is random and unassociated with living a “moral” or even simply healthy life. A random encounter with a bug you can’t avoid and a set of genes switched on… really not deliberate but also not avoidable. 

Oh I have my emotionally bad days but the times I have used the term unfair is when I think about human responses to it. The mismatch of having to deal with feeling so bad an people telling me it’s my fault for getting it (the cause of RA is connected to genes that are turned on by and exogenous trigger but that’s as far as we have enough evidence to sort of comfortably say.

We get blame because most people find it scary to realise it could so easily happen to them. So they choose a point of difference between you and them so they don’t have to worry about it.

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