Confession: One my first playthrough of DA:O I romanced Alistair with my Dalish elf. When it came to the Landsmeet I made Alistair king because I just don’t trust Anora, little did I know that Alistair would break up with me. I was so pissed and I couldn’t go back and change it that I deleted the game and started over as the same warden and made Anora queen just so I could stay with Alistair.

Behold the innermost thoughts of a true kingmaker.

Watching some peoples’ reactions regarding Alistair and the Landsmeet, as they attempt to thread a needle of self-justification for their desires, has always been a highlight for me. It’s fascinating, even if it does make me feel a bit like a mad scientist with little electric probes attached to the patient’s brain.

“Hmm. Now vee shall see how ze subjekt responds to ze stimulus!” ZZZZAP

I really appreciate stories where I can totally screw up or have real consequences. Like destroying the galaxy in a fit of pique… ehem.

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