Here’s Michaela‘s Femshep cosplay from Saturday. It was great to catch up with her, however briefly.

And my nostrils!!! πŸ˜‰ Seeing as a warship is not a suitable environment for animals I decided my armour was πŸ˜‰ Hold the line for the hampster!

Also note he is within kissing distance πŸ˜‰

I have tidied the costume in the last few days- huge shoutout to Lapco for having All the Rivets, All the Resolene and the super awesome though simple hand tools for rivet setting. The rivets are mix and match for each diametre so I need to burnish a few replacements. Also I have not got the dragon on again…. and I debated putting it on today (the Resolene means you can paint on Rub n Buff which is brilliant!) and my paint is suitably blood like in texture and opacity… but I have a few other mods to the armour that I hope to debut at the cosplay parade on Saturday XD I may need help up the stairs.. Also I sacrificed another set of crazy cool sneaker wedges for this purpose πŸ™‚ Must see if the glue has cured enough to get some more pieces in place.

Ahh, just realised the sweet shop in the background sells Salmiak flavoured licorice ropes. I love the stuff. Might see if I can order some for after Armageddon…. And though the site doesn’t have shopping available atm they do ship to NZ so yay! I think it may be their “salted” licorice…

BTW big gun is big and as awkward to handle as it looks. And you can see a wee bit of the foam interior support. I had to cut it there to fit in my suitcase. And hey, it survived all that travel πŸ™‚

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