Today was supposed to be wholly dedicated to sewing for Arma but somehow I’ve ended up at metal work.

I’m totally okay with that! Want to post pictures of my work but at the same time want to wait for the full costume/makeup…..

You’ll just have to wait! Valkyrie out!



(Seriously, Brittany, I know you would rock that. Can’t wait for the finished result!)

So fun seeing people blog about costuming for Armageddon 🙂 See you both there? I’ll be in the extremely uncomfortable Blood Dragon armour (modded to have interference overlay and no dragon- basically I can’t figure out a paint to go over the Rub n Buff…. so it’s a mod!) the 50” long (125cm long) Black Widow sniper and teeny tiny space hampster- no one messes with my hampster- go for the eyes!). BTW my prop meets all safety guidelines so ahahahahaha- card with a thin fibreglass overlay (glass tissue, how I love and hate it, but mostly love). So long as it doesn’t break in my suitcase.

Oh and purple hair. My one fb teaser photo makes it look burgundy but it’s not. Now I need to roll a Miki Shep with purple hair. She’ll be an adept as well as brawler because machinf “f” over and over again is very cathartic. And I need to to get the first game working because I also want Phoenix armour. Feaking pink armour!

Anyway, as cosplay contest co-ord and judge for the show I’ll be as available as I can be for talking to. So if I have epic health fail I’ll be in my N7 leggings and hot pink NASA hoodie and that purple hair. So please come find me, introduce yourself even if we have met before because doing so many shows means I need to meet you at least a few times or be reminded of very specific costume detaills. 

I have done the same. I want to post photos. My fb friends have seen Mr Beanie Pants (hampster) and the collar of my armour but not the full thing and definitely not the full thing in silver and interference. I have some hand sewing to do at the show but not much- I didn’t accound for how firm the funky cool elastic I have used is.

Okay, time to get the certificates and envelopes and forms converted to PDF for takingwith me.

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