When I'm about to take a new pill and I'm just staring at it in my palm, waiting to work up the courage to take it…




i hate trying new pills.

I’m about to try an infusion in the hospital. Internal freakout. Hey you know all that stuff you learned in Immunology? That paper everyone failed the first time it was allowed to be taken by non-pre-med or b.Tech students? Yeah. We’re going to knock out an entire line of B cells in you. That can’t go wrong can it?


This is how wrong it can go- though my infusion has already been tested.

Not a drug, monoclonal antiodies are biologically derived. Used to be from micies and rabbits (at least for playing in the lab) now from humans. And the immune response is a tricky bugger to control once it has started down the wrong path.

So yes, I am freaking. I hope people around me can understand that I’m not simply making up Teh Dramdrams over losing a little hair.

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