October 10th, 1946 | Happy Birthday, Charles Dance!
‘He’s just a true gentleman.’ – Peter Dinklage

– ‘The epitome of the word dashing.’ – Kit Harington

“Actors can’t retire. If actors retired there would be nobody left to play old wrinkly people. You have to keep going, darling – don’t you?”

I saw Mr Charles Dance live. I don’t remember much because 10 pound seats were.. 10 pound seats.. but he was opposite Jessican Lange in Long Day’s Journey In To Night. Self explanatory title really. 

Okay so I was on my Phantom stalkery tour where I hung out at Her Majesty’s to talk to the actors and hey Charles Dance was performing in a play as well so… He played the Phantom in a telemovie (Yeston then got his musical which has a few very fun songs as well- This Place is Mine for one).

Anyway, so I get to gloat about that.

Even if technically I didn’t see him for half the play due to the seats of the balcony above actually overlapping our sight lines to the point I saw the edge of the stage and maybe some feet. At interval people took pity on us and had us sit beside them… shhhh. B

Total presence. Be it calm or raging under the surface. 

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