Brienne of Tarth, Game of Thrones
Photos by celticruinsdesigns.
DragonCon 2013.

OMG Betsy you are AMAZING!!!

That is amazing. It would’ve been hilarious if someone in a goofy bear costume followed her around.

But seriously, fantastic cosplay!

Thank you! Sadly, I had no bear. But galacticatcosplay did!

lol, you totally could have borrowed it! And good grief, these photos put my costume to shame, haha. The dress, the poses, your face… SO INTENSE.


no but seriously, thank you. I’m so bummed I missed meeting you this weekend!

I saw photos of you both and you are both amazeballs! Like I totally have chills!!!! 

This is one of those costumes you have such a visceral reaction to. Knowing that Brienne was forced into the dress as both punishment and to humiliate her (but really we’re just treating her as a lady….) and then the bear…. arghhh! 

Chills man, chills for real. And not just because it’s raining here.

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