After watching two episodes of the horrible portrayal of Cosplayers on SyFy, Con Voluted has decided to start a “True Hero of Cosplay” movement.
We will have stickers, Badges and awards printed the slogan “True Hero of CosPlay”. We will be wondering around the Con and giving out these awards to deserving cosplayers. Cosplayers that challenge typical body types for their costumes, Cosplayers that clearly put in tremendous effort on their Costumes and props even if they did not come out perfect, Cosplayers that had the nerve to wear their creation and vision even if it would never meet the expectations of the Size 2 CosPlay prima-donnas that think they are the only ones that should be allowed to wear great costumes.
We will have lots of these and will be recruiting others to help us through the weekend. Make sure that you show your support to all those that are just starting out and show them some appreciation.

Con Voluted, in a post on the Official Dragon*Con Facebook page  (via dr-archeville)

I’m a total embrace everyone in this hobby type; wall of text is all about this 🙂

I’m worried there could be backlash over an attempt to “balance” and so create an us and them. Cosplay does cover everything from closet throw ons to buying labels used on screen and screen used, from kitbashing to scratchbuilding, from working in a group to working solo, from posing for photos to fully realised performances, to not capturing anything as it was a live experience only. A sense of fun is not the same as everyone else- some of us actually do enjoy the danger and puzzle solving stages. Some prefer the social aspect. It’s all valid. It’s a tremendously open word that encompasses all of the above. 

Some are fans of characters, some of the series, some are fans of the makers and designers. Some have a wide range of inspiration, some have a defined selection.

And please don’t let it bodyshame by accident? I recently lost weight and am no different than before and would probably wind up in tears if I was bypassed based on how I look, again. I’ve also had a famous photographer turn their back on me repeatedly because I was not attractive enough! And yes I was in tears as it was so blatent and others saw. It did though lead to me getting a private shoot with a Photog who made me look amazing- because he took the time to talk and see beyond my frizzy hair. Photos are souveniers for me in my very bad health times.

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