Workable lj-archive!! i can search my lj again!

Link provided soon, as this is going over several social networks I don’t want to overload the poor guys site! but woooooooo!!!! It’s been years since I was able to back up my lj and now I have. Soooooo gooood. There is the possibility now of importing all those old posts over to here (my website, not the social media 😉 ) and so having all that costuming history work in one place. Sooooo goood. Speaking of which I need to back up this blog again. I do regularly, but WP seems more stable lately. Also the new hosts seem to update on their side so there is relatively little disruption if there is a clash of server side stuffs.

Squee!!! All those projects not started… but I can search so easily now!!!

Oh man, yeah. The Elissa gown has a very long history!!!!!

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