I’m a strong independent gamer who needs no tutorial

Shit how do I walk

lol! Except I *know* I’m an average gamer. No word of lie first game I played in over a decade (aside from Angry Birds) was as a beta weekend tester (2nd to last so I was still under a shush order!) and I created my first toon, got her to the ramp (Sith Inquisitor, so I hadn’t even done anything) and shut the whole damn thing down because HOMG OTHER PAYERS HOW DO I WALK WHAT IF THEY SEEE MEEEE!!!!! And yeah. That said the next weekend I stomped my way through 15 levels blood shot eyed and high on the pew pew pew.

Also first attempt at ME2? Umm my controls had my mouse set for left hander and it kept resetting to hard mode so that was a little tricky! Shooting? Try those damn puzzles with a mouse that works back to front and upside down and you didn’t realise! I think it was because I was borrowing a computer set to left hand mousing?

I’d love to play more games but my SSD and motherboard are not happy with extra hard drives and stress. Also healt hblahblahblah.

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