My "style"

A few years back there were discussions amongst us historic costuming people about what makes our work stylistically obviously us (well each of us). It turns out what was true then of me is still true and is true of all the recreations and original garments I have made.
Bold colours and pleats.

Pleats. Pleats!!!!! Not subtle ones like in the back of my Cleves gown but fully kilted I AM PLEATED skirts.

Braunchweig? PLEATS!
Wishing dress? I CHOOSE THE AUSSIE FULLY PLEATED STYLE!!!! (I don’t even know that there is another production that does that).
Then there was the fully pleated skirt for the grey day dress and Portrait of a Lady inspired outfit. Also my Green “absinthe” dress (skirt of it anyway- still have to make the bodice).
And now the inch wide pleats of the hem of the Hannibal gown. With all the ribbon.

Now though if it isn’t pleated it’s painted on and if it’s not painted on it’s armour. So that’s my thing. Still generally bold solid colours or neutrals. Texture. And I really do have a decided lack of bell shaped skirts- the ones I do have are not hooped as well. I prefer drapery. So I am desperate to do something 1930s Hollywood.

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