I made a thing, food this time ;)

So I originally made a weird totmato and pepper soup/sauce that was too rich:

Tomato and Roasted Pepper Base:
1 jar roasted peppers lightly crushed and dry fried (they were in a water and oil mix)
2 cans pureed tomatoes and 2 cans water
pinch or paprika

It was too rich and too sweet and way out of balance.

I tied a tiny amount with a tiny amount of cream and mmmmm, way too rich but the idea of using it as a base for veges started to evolve.

So yesterday I added
3 leeks finely sliced and dry fried (reabsorbing their own moisture)
The last of the base (about 2 cups)
and about 75ml cream.

So amazing but it felt too rich still.

So today I bought half a head of cauliflower, half steamed half boiled (so lid on but only a little water). Strained and bashed (masher doesn’t work so it was just to break up the pieces).
And a little water and the leek mix and a sprinkle of salt and flour to bind.

And yes. Super yummy. Also smoked paprika which I added to the leeks and cauliflower stages is super yummy.

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