Some drawing and stickifying

Got my references (Nyreen and Blood Dragon) images pinned to the wall, so I don’t have to keep using my netbooks trackpad, I am not a fan of them anyway 😉 and started transfering more pattern pieces to card. Well this will be a two or three step process as the first pass at card brings out any fine discrepencies in shapes. So I have stage one knee, shoulder, bicep, elbow and bracer and stage two calf.
A break to rest my face (yay, CT scan can’t come soon enough) and get some calories (I can chew again- gently!) so I can transfer the stage 1 patterns today if I am not shaking too much.
I would love to have this armour finished for Armageddon, but given the pace I am doubtful. I won’t have a miracle cure for my fatigue, sinusitis/infection or RA and may in fact be worse in all areas depending on what treatments are advised/taken up.

Anyway. I also have to decide what to do with a lovely length of the trim used for the apron drapery of the Elissa gown. I have enough for the hem of the overskirt, and then about 2/3 of the train. So that’s a no to the train. Unless I decide no to the skirt… it may tie the back more closely to the front that way… yeah. That might be the better option. Now to decide just how that works with the layers of red and green and having to add trim to the other side.

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