Well that’s something..

Computer is back online 🙂 Didn’t remember I still had my HDD hitched up so I unhitched. Then unhitched the wrong drive and now it’s al back 🙂

Apparently SSDs have a built in 5% failure rate to avoid catastrophic failures. I can cope with that. I just have to always remember to check that I don’t have that HDD hooked up.

So. GP visit today to check my nose (might need that 3 month AB course- no, no I don’t need to “exercise” my immune system. It’s overactive but misdirected. I’m not allowed live vaccines so, no.) and B12 levels because even though I have enriched foods I do think this is areal issue again. And umm… oh maybe have a prod at my jaw because this is insane0 I can’t chew so can’t eat which means back on the Up and Go. And soup. I can make soup. Hmmmm. I feel like leek soup again. My leek and pumpkin soup was amazeballs but I’m not peeling and cutting a pumpkin while like this.

Also still freaking about my specialist visit.

And yeah today is a bit of a wasted day due to GP visit and computer wrangling. Might manage a little Heat n Bond ironing to the last of my trim. Or maybe a big nap.

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